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Battery Applications

As an expert, Sebang has essentially influenced the entire battery technology by innovations.
Sebang has been supplying the premium brands of the German automotive industry with premium Original Equipment batteries.
We will guide you to select the right Battery for your car.

The Sebang Heavy commercial Battery is characterized by exceptionally high cycling performance.
This high cycling performance results from the latest and most efficient technologies.
For the customer, this means-especially when many electric consumers are in use-highest lifetime. The robust solution for professionals.

Sebang’s technology-intensive industrial battery has the durability to withstand sudden Changes in the environment and extreme conditions.
It is also recognized for its economic value and efficiency on its long lifediv through the use of special alloys.

Longest Series which are used in golf cart and electric vehicles, and electric forklift batteries both contains special know-how of Sebang Global Battery.
Cell balancing function which allows to prolong life div, and improved technical skills that expands the range of use temperature can be the representing know-hows.

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Strong & Enduring

A brand of Sebang Global Battery’s “Rocket Battery” slogan is “Battery with a Powerful and Long Life” has been a belief that has been around for more than 60 years. So what can be the driving force to continue for the next 600 years of ‘Strong and Enduring’ Sebang Global Battery?

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Prepared Energy

In preparation for the future of limited resources and possible population congestion in a specific region, Sebang Global Battery is preparing a physical and technical integration, and system integration related to hardware and software.

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Infinite Future

Sebang Global Battery, as a battery system maker, is actively developing a lithium packing business using superior lithium cells and exploring the battery application market.

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Next Generation

Energy 4.0 combines energy with high-tech technologies in ICT, IOT, logistics, and service industries, and it is an innovative energy management system that will bring about overall structural changes in related industries from manufacturing to service industries.